Need some advice on my plants.

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After 3 or 4 weeks I read the plants take up a lot of the nutrients from the soil and that's why you have to add.
Yeah that will depend on pot size and plant growth.

For the watering this may help explain the mechanics of it for you. Always go by pot weight and make sure to fill the containers to the top. A 5 gal pot with 3 gal of soil would be rough to water properly. The post will explain why it's important to fill to the top.



I'm using organic humus with manure and fox farms soil in acouple . Im giving the big ones 48 oz of straight water and getting some run off. And then when I feed with Nutrient I use about 32 oz and smaller plants get about 32 oz each time

How much humus and manure compared to Fox farm?

Organic forest humus and manure are very heavy and dense, they hold ALOT of water and very little air. I wouldn't add any of that to Fox Farm because FF is ready as is. Also, I think you would need to add peat moss and perlite to lighten it up and allow proper drainage and air exchange.


I have fox farms in acouple pots and Humus and manure in others mixed with alittle peat moss. I didnt realize how much water the humus holds . I'm going out today and getting peat moss and perlite and composte . I'm going to switch out the soil and transfer some of the plants into bigger pots.
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