Need some help with my plants!!

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So a few weeks ago I was given some clones by my dad to grow since I lost all my seeds, they were doing great had a stretch of nice weather in maine decided to bring them out for some sun for a bit,transplanted them then had to bring them inside due to weather. A week or so ago one of my cats got in my room and chewed some if the plants up pretty bad, there starting to grow back though luckily just in rough shape, now I'm seeing alot of discolored leaves and general issues. I have them in about 20gal pots in fox farms ocean forest soil. I don't have any legit setup inside or fancy light just a strong florescent light I had just yesterday fed them iguana juice fertilizer only split a gallon between the four of them for the first time and added a tsp of bites. I'm just looking for any help on how to fix the leave issues. I plan on getting xtreme gardeneings mykos and azos to add as well hoping that helps bounce the little ones back a little quicker. Any info orhelp us greatly appreciated!!
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