Needing assistance with curing temperatures

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Hello all

I’m in the burping stage of curing my 1st harvest and have been searching for correct “curing” temps.

I dried for 10 days at 68F & 60-65%RH

Once in jars the RH was a constant 55-58% in all jars

Placed boveda 62 in jars 3 days after drying to bring RH up

Burped twice/day for the 1st week

After 1st week took buds from mason jars and placed into 1lb Grove Bags also with boveda 62

I still burp the bags once daily and RH is consistency 60-62%

So, I’m using one of my flower rooms to keep my curing temps between 68-70F and it’s getting close to being time to flip my next crop into flower and I will be needing the room I’m curing in.

Can anyone tell me what temps are acceptable to continue the curing process? Inside my home I keep the thermostat at 76F, would this be an acceptable temp to finish curing and for long term storage?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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