Neglected plant genetics, to breed or not to breed.

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Hi all,

I have a male plant that has had a tough life. It comes from amazing genetics, but was forgotten in its seedling pot with very little soil and suffered from that greatly. It turns out that it was the only male from the batch and has managed to produce some pollen sacks despite being no more than 15cm tall and twisted looking.

My question is: if I take his pollen and fertilise a healthy female plant, will the genetics it passes on be affected negatively in any way by its shitty life? Or will it pass on the same qualities to its progeny as it would if it had a normal healthy life?

Thanks in advance and best wishes to all.


Pollen abuse is on the rise. It is up to us as growers to be concerned for this slighted portion of our plants lives.
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The pollen should be fine as Mystic said.
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