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B"H New to forum. Have 52 year years farming large scale on a Communal Farm 5 years 1970 to 1975 , learned horticulture deeply 47 years ago but so much has progressed. Last night I realized that i was given a few seeds on the farm and not wanting to have people know I had them in something like Root Riot or Jiffy Cubes and put them in a room with a light....LOL there were Led lights then so i used a few old time bulbs and geuss what did not grow? 4 years ago started growing a few "Autoflowering Plants" and have had Thank G-d back then much success tried 6 months ago to grow about 20 autoflowering plants one crop and finish just for some pain and medical issues...Our Wonderful Local Cops took them while they sat in Jiffy Cubes and had not even yet at then age 69 with never a Cop record and many years of local civic volunteering ...had at the time more than 21 Grandchildren and I was going to use privately only. So, experience I have ...yet I planted many Date Palm Trees, other fruit, whole scale farming but THESE Little Critters are the most difficult things to grow, but G-d helps! ANY advice I give, and am not expert will be advice that I know will be beneficial and what I am not sure of or do not know, will not use as advice.
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