New Can filters seem not packed right

So I've noticed the last can filter I bought the carbon seems to be loose and not Packed tight you can hear it when you shake it like it's not filled all the way up I'm afraid to install it and have odor leaks.
So I found out what's going on with these filters. And I don't think it is limited to just the can brand.

Apparently some of these filters are being refurbished and refilled with new carbon not that that is a bad thing but they are not filling them up all the way or not packing them right and that is going to cause some problems with leaks.

And I believe it is someone other than the manufacturer that is refurbishing these filters.

So if you shake your filter and you can hear the carbon more than likely it is probably refurbished.

Another indication is the plastic wrapping the filter is not like the original like in my pic.


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Fill it the rest of the way with activated carbon pellets and keep on growing. It’s jice to have some extra on hand for when you need to refresh your filter.