New Drop From Sincity Seeds!

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Enjoy the dank new drop from SinCity Seeds. These seeds are now listed in the store :)

Pineapple Cookies - Golden Pineapple x SinMint Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies BX - Girl Scout Cookies Forum Cut x SinMint Cookies

Spiked Punch - Purple Punch x SinMint Cookies

Mint Lemonade - Lemon G x SinMint Cookies

Strawberry Short Cookies - White Strawberry x SinMint Cookies

Medical Glue - Gorilla Glue #4 x AC/DC

Thunderstruck - ACDC x ACDC

Do Si Do Mints - Do Si Do x Sin Mint Cookies

Harlesin - Harlequin x AC/DC

Chimp Mints - Gorilla Glue #4 x SinMint Cookies

Toucan Sam - Froot Loops x SinMint Cookies

Cancers Nightmare - Cannatonic x White Nightmare

Bora Bora - Tora Bora x AC/DC

Treasure Island - Swiss Gold x AC/DC
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