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helllo all on the farm i am merely constructing and brainstorming for the preperation of a site in mid feburary. i would like to hear and am open to all advice on the subject...
so basically i have found these automated hoopstyle greenhouses with a motor on it to make it into a light dep on its own and am talking with my friend who builds houses and greenhouses about making one or a setup of them...the style they are is 12 wide by 20ft long 7 ft tall...not tall enough! so i was thinking of digging into the ground like 6 or so maybe 10 feet down trenches? with the hoop styles over the tops of each trench. im only allowed to grow 24 plants flowering cause im in city limits on outer edge; so i was thinking of making four houses each to house six plants, only having 18 of them flowering and one greenhouse vegging so i can do a continuous flowering cycle each month chopping one tent of six down and moving in new babies. i somewhat east of ukiah..
i guess what im wondering far down should i go into the ground? cause if i do dig it will help me keep the temperatures warm thru the night if i add supplemental lighting and maybe a propane heater or
i dont want to buy this thing but i could have him build what im talking about and rig the same type of motor to it right? he could make a taller hoop even i guess then 7 feet and therefore i wouldnt have to dig as far into the ground; but id still like 15 + feet to work with at least
how would anyone recommend heating and cooling this thing? cause i would like to eventually add like a 600 watt above each bed/plant to make for a premium product; chiming in on the direct sunlight i get each day and compensating with the hps when it is indirect or blacked out
maybe combing all three flowering houses would be better? i guess lol cheaper .
looking to have a 4x4 bed of soil for each plant; 200 or more gallons in each box prolly going to build boxes like somasbed style with aliens soil blend//nutrients regimine and caps bennies
im stoked to be started outside finally so all the advice on what i should do is much aprreciated
finally done saving up for all of this about time ive been werking for awhile now;


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I've priced out the FF GHs, what are these kits running? The Golden Arm looks like it shouldn't cost too much at all. But it also looks like they're using double-sided B&W plastic. That's expensive if you buy it as Panda plastic, a lot less expensive if you buy it from a GH supply. Tell us some numbers!

As for digging in, in my mind it seems that it would work fine in a hillside, south facing, but could be problematic on a flat or north-facing hillside. Digging down into the earth a few feet isn't unheard of, it's just not all that common.

Don't make the mistake of going cheap when it costs in other ways. If you're that focused on cheap, all you want to do is control that GH environment and deprive light, especially if you're in California, you don't want to have to pay for extra power. Otherwise what was the point of going outside in the first place, eh?


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