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Hey guys, been surfing the forum for a day now just absorbing as much info from growers/journals and researching for 2-3 months now and excited to embark on this new hobby of growing with the fellow DIYers.

my VIVO SUN HORTI 48x48x80 arrives tomorrow and got 5 feminized BUBBLE GUM seeds ready to go. got a few questions , mainly looking for advice on the most affordable, efficient way to maximize yield with this grow and build the tent. want to keep it consistent yield every 3-4 months if possible on 4 plants.

I plan on doing it hydroponic... i know its not as forgiving but figured i'd learn. 4 plants in 5 gallon plastic buckets... was leaning towards DWC with air pump/stones/tubing, etc.

For LED Grow light, i am interested in using the MARS TS1000 for the veg stage (approx. 6-8 weeks) ... hearing from a lot of people that won't be near enough for flowering. would i be able to start off with this for a a month or two and then switch over to a different light for flowering stage thats more powerful?? if so what would you recommend for flowering stage on 4 plants in a 4x4?

I plan on getting the AC infinity 6' inline fan with a charcoal filter and 2 mini oscillating fans if needed to regulate temp..? any thoughts if that will suffice or if more is needed?

any advice is greatly appreciated or if i should look into doing things differently to save money on the learning curve for my first grow, pls do help!!!



Just to follow up, I got the following purchased for my 1st grow ... looking for recommendations on what should be my next investment with regards to the hydroponic system... 1st time grower, which method would you suggest?

Equipment currently purchased and on route:

VIVOSUN 48x48x80 Tent
AC Infinity Cloudline T6 fan
Vivosun 6 in charcoal filter
AC 6 inch ducting 8 ft
5 Bubblegum Fem Seeds

Looking to plant 3-4 plants to start off. will be placing the tent in my garage, which generally is neither too warm nor too cold year-round. i figure i may need a heater/dehumidifer to help adjust temps if they get too crazy. I was looking up DWC systems, but i hear EBB and FLOW is less maintenance and more user friendly for beginners. any suggestions on what my next move should be ?
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