New grower - indoor - purpleish veins?

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New grower. Using 1 jack herer seed and 1 unknown bag seed (purple viens)
3ft x 3ft x 6ft tent
Fox farms ocean forest 50/50 with fox farms happy frog
Fox farms nutes (only using big bloom atm)
Ph 6.5 water
Using a 240w QB 288 ir/vr
Watering every 2ish days
5gal fabric pots

The jack herer is the one with the yellow sticky trap. Is it healthy? I noticed a little leaf discoloration.

The unknown bag seed has the purple stems/veins. Is that normal?
Jack og

Jack og

Phosphate deficiencies, wha the npk ratio in your veg feed? The middle number needs to be higher, if this continues without correction she will lock out. So up the feed cycle ( you can use veg and bloom feed at 50/50 ratio)
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