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Thanks guys. Got a bit of an issue with my babies at the moment. My set up is pretty basic if I'm honest as wanted to give it a go before I laid out good money. I brought 6 seeds, along with 2x 100watt full spectrum lights and a small fan. They're growing in my cupboard under the stairs. Out of the 6 seeds I got 4 healthy plants growing. Or at least I thought I did until yesterday. It seems that my two biggest ones have started to show signs of curling leaves and distortion. It seems to be mainly the top ones. Obviously I'm concerned because it's my first attempt and I'm in to the end of week 4 now. Plus the fact that they are autos so I'm halfway there if you get me. I would say that my pot size is between 3 and 5 litres. I can't actually give a size due to the fact that the pots are actually Halloween buckets that the kids use to use for trick or treating. " THAT'S HOW BASIC MY SET UP IS". Anyway I'm growing them in a basic Coco coir with boost grow and just feeding them with good old fashioned water, but I've been at least using bottled water because of the high mineral content etc etc. and like I say they've been growing fine. I've even just started getting pre flowers on the biggest ones but like I say they're starting to look a bit unhappy and I'd really like it if my first attempt was a success. Even if the yield or potency isn't that great so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Can I also just say that I have been running them on 18/6 cycle. They're about 4 and a half weeks old. The lights have been between 12 and 16 inches away from the other than use the nutrients as I should I guess, I think I'm doing everything right even though it's a very crude set up. Like I said, any advice would be brilliant. Can I also just say that I have ordered some feed for the flowering period. Thanks....
Welcome Bomb! I'm new here with ya my guy!


Welcome to the Farm! Pics of your grow would help us get a better idea of what might be going on. Plus, I want to see the Halloween buckets. 😁

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