New growth has yellowing tips

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Cant really find an answer with searching

Growing in coco
Using Athena pro line

currently feeding at 3EC at 5.5 ph
I’ve been feeding 5.5ph for the past 4 feeds to lower run off ph but it’s not dropping

room temp
Humidity 60-66%
Keeping my VPD in the .8-1.2kpa

run off is
3.1-3.2 ec
6.2-6.3 ph

In day 34 of veg

drip feeding with 25% run off

Please help only a hand full of plants are showing these signs and I don’t won’t them to die

only showing the problem on new growth!

spoke with Athena because I would run there pro line at 2ec and they said raise to 3 or else you’ll run into plant problems

it’s been 6 feeds approx 1 week and a half I’m feeding at 3ec
problem ain’t going away

rest of my plants are super healthy

No Pests No Pm , not even fungus gnats in the room
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stop feeding it and flush it 3x the pot size with just phed water. Best thing is to take it into the shower tub and just water it and drain until you get desired ec and ph levels


Your leaves are tacoing. Too much light or heat maybe? The leaves in the second pic look like there might be low Mg, as well, but I'm not sure.

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