New Homemade Veg Box.

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So My veg Closet got pretty crowded.
Originally all the plants were in the 20x32 closet.

New Box is 4x4x4
One 400w MH w/ batwing.
One dual wall mounted fan.
One 4" Hi Output Axial Fan(345cfm)

Black Domina (Sensi Seeds)
Super Lemon Haze (Greenhouse Seeds)

Black Domina are all seedlings are doing well. Had a minor Nutrient deficencey due to ph being too LOW. Adjusted well, and damaged growth was removed. 4 have been LST'd. One seems to have alot tighter nodes than the rest. On a second note, hard time getting the Black Domina to clone. Currently builing a new aeroponic cloner.

Super Lemon Haze is older. I have had the strain a couple seasons now. My two main mothers suffered a blow from spidermites. One survived it well the other is being flowered with some affected clones. Flowering in my new 8x6x8 flower room.

New box was all home made including lock.


It does look like it is getting a wee bit crowded. Any pics of this new box you talk of?

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