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Hey Everyone.

I'm about 3 weeks into flowering on my first crop and wanted to just share some of the progress. I've lurked these forums most of the time, picking up every piece of advice posted here. I just wanted to share my progress partly in thanks to some of the great threads i've found here.

I have had a bit of experience working in a larger growshop for a few months but otherwise, this is my first time doing it solo.

The room itself was mostly setup, the blowers, lights, baseboard and plastic was in there already, but everything had sat foe years and was full of mould. Prior to the garden, there was about a month of cleaning and setup to get everything ready.


My clones arrive...I was given some pretty scraggly dying clones that had been stored in a closet for a month and a half or so. They were drooping, yellowing and rootbound to hell.

In the mix were 2 black lavenders, 4 Gorilla Glue CBD's and the rest are Raspberry Cookies. First and foremost, those ladies needed a transplant.


I went with 5 gallons. I've got 8 ballasts and lights and plenty of space. I wanted them to get nice and big.


A week after transplant. I went a little nuts on the water and the drainage in the pots kinda sucks. Had trouble finding perlite, ended up cleaning out a local canadian tire of their tiny miracle gro bags of perlite. That stuffs garbage though. It's like powder. I do not recommend it. I also picked up some rootfarm base and bloom from there, and some bloodmeal. Blood meal, a bunch of sea wee, compost went in the soil. I used promix hp. Watered them way too much that night with some nutes and seaweed tea. Worried the whole week I gave them root rot, but finally after 5 days or so, the pots actually started to dry and I finally seen some growth and such.


About a week later another water, this time straight water and a lot less, only 1.5L this time as opposed to who knows how much the first time.


Couple weeks into veg. Replaced the root farm stuff with GH bloom and micro and got some calmag, that along with the seaweed tea was my watering. 2L each water. 1 nute water, 2 straight waters with no nutes. Also picked up a couple Vicks cool mist humidifiers. Cheap things, but they helped with my low humidity issues.

I ran 24h lights during vegging. I've got an extractor and an intake blower and 3 wall Mount fans. I ran 3 600w MH's and 2 600w HPS's during most of veg. It got hot. Most of the time it was up around 80° or really hot day got up to 90°. I have no ac.


Quick little picture of my two favourites. The black lavenders have been fussy, they dry out.quicker than the other two strains and tend to droop, they haven't grown as much, but they look really cool. The leaves are totally different to the others. Having smoked some before too, I have pretty high hopes for these two.


Cut some clones before flipping. 62 in total. 9 Black Lavenders, 15 Gorilla Glues and the rest Raspberry Cookies.

Left the main room in nearly 48 hours of darkness before switching to 12/12. I wasn't going to go so long, but with the timing of everything it just kind of ended up that way.


A couple weeks into flowering now though and things are looking pretty great.

My temperature issues worked out alright after switching to 12/12. Night temps were getting a bit cold, but the baseboard helps and temps stay around 73° during lights on and 69° during lights off. Humidity stays around 35%. I ditched the humidifiers, but haven't added a dehum yet. Seems to be alright so far. I've cut back on the micro to 1 cap per 20L and increased the calmag and bloom to 2 caps. I stopped the seaweed tea, mostly because I ran out.


Clones are doing well, transplanted a few days ago, maybe waited a bit too long, the roots were going a bit nuts.


That took a fair bit of time, about 4 hours. Used the old soil mix, watered the soil before transplanting this time. Only thing in the water was a bit of hydrox and superthrive.

I lost one clone shortly after transplant, but the rest seem to be doing well. These ones are going to be finished in three gallon pots as I just don't have the space to grow 60 in five gallons.

Well, that's about it so far. Going to do some stripping and watering tonight. Possibly tying, but that may wait for another night.

Hope this makes an alright introduction and hope everyone likes the plants. It's through advice from all the helpful folks here that helped me turn those scrappy, dying little ladies into big ole' trees, that'll hopefully give some nice flowers.

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