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I came across an old thread (5 years old) about New Millenium Nutrients. I have been seeing more and more of this here in Europe. Is still a line that people are using? From what i read there is people who are absolutley loving it. However i would appreciate any honest feedback before trying these products.


Hi- I just ran across this and since no one had answered, thought I would throw in my two cents. The Dude Grows Podcast loves these nutrients and they seem to be growing here in the US. I have seen lots of great grows using this line, it seems like they are very well made, and people who use the line are definitely loyal to it. The only negative feedback I've heard is that they have a lot of products and it can be expensive if you use everything. I have only used the Winter's Frost and thought it was great


i only use cogos original formula one the first nutrient specifically formulated for cannabis and used to win the first cannabis cup in Holland. It seems that only commercial facility's are using this product, ive heard a lot of negative things about the owner which i found to be mostly hype however the nutrients are fantastic

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