New moms in da huis - what to do...!?!?

Nieuw Moms...>! Excited.....

LUI 1 and 2 -

H*sjbury 1,2,3,4..>!

1 Chem/OG seedling - from my cut...! Lovely looking, but showed some PM, while none others did...! Not again....! Why am I not surprised....? Actually, a good testament that it is the real thing.. PM follows the Kush everywhere it goes.. haha

Nu ReCon 2. It is good that I got a new one, because the original cut I have been running is not 'putting out" the way I want from my stable, and showing weakness, as well, now. But, Dang. It is like a Strong Clean Melon Smell - Unmistakeable... Never smelled it before, and it really finishes in 52, but likes 56-8... I was wrong on the lineage, it is a Mutant LA bean X Cannadential (Cannalope Haze X LA Conf), so there is some of that good Cannalope in there, whatever that is...! And that is exactly what peeps say it smells and tastes like. So, there is a connection there. Also, it possesses a fantastic hazy element to it, which leaves the room with an incense-like funk.

Oddly enough, their Sweet Haze also has that exact same 'funk,' along with a Strawberry flavour - VERY strong leftover odour... The connection there - points to an obvious relation.... Hmmmmmm.

The Original Recon I found is more powerful than almost anything, except the Kush. Some of my testers say it may be the strongest - - The H*sj has an awful rubbery taste, so that does not work... haha

But, I am gonna keep it after all.... The original one. I was on the fence, and just pulled some - two days ago... It is amazingly sweet. Since I was able to keep the PM from one, maybe I can keep them all from it somehow. I think I have a "Bad Corner," where the PM monster lives. The good Recon, which I am finishing up with a couple extra days, unlike the other 2, was not near that area, and the others were.

1 G13 X Haze (reef/barno's) showed her tits, the other ones not yet, but tonight I go looking for more girls, and I am sure there will be a couple more. From all of them.

I would hit something with the Male LA Conf''s I have (2), but there were 5 phenos for the LA, of what I found, and I only liked three, the other two were utterly useless. So, I feel compelled to toss those M's due to odds. May change my mind, 'cause one looks exactly like the good pheno#3 or #2, except Male.

I think I may conversely, hit a squat-sized LA #1 female or a Purple Erkle with the G13 H pollen. Very vigourous....

No High End fems yet (legends), we will know more tonite.

My Sweet Haze #2 is absolutely a huge part NL#5 X Haze. It looks exactly the same, all agree. Just smells like a Strawberry Shortcake, a very sweet one. 3 years ago, A showed myself and a friend from a club in SF a small nug of his S H.... It was unattractive, but had a fantastic smell. The club dude looked at me, sensing the potential, and said, " I would like to offer this," so I got it for him, and grew it.... Kept the #2.

Some are 1 week from ending, and resisted disease quite well. They need 62-4 days, and are just beefing up from the inside, with huge calyxes, looking like seeds... I destroyed one of the calyxes, 'cause I was SURE it was containing a bean... Nope.

I simply laugh when I see them, as they have a totally unique look compared to the rest of what goes around here (mostly Indicas, and heavily I weighted hybrids). The NL #5 X Haze look. And, I have been having a time with it, because it is so juicy, so the mildews love it. Doing great this time. Mildew showing up at day 56.... Not perfect, but is it ever...?

It looks totally different under the sun.. More Indica in appearance, and it is wonderful out there, bugs do not like it, PM no biggie, unless extreme weather.

Pics later.

Stay Chill