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Growing indoors in Alberta Canada. I have done a couple small closet grows before but now i have something that i might need some help with from time to time so i decided to join this forum.

Genetics i currently have came as clones; Critical Kush (barneys farms), B.C. Rockstar(local), Delahaze (paradise seed), Ice cream (THC Biomed), Gorilla Glue (local), Ghost Train Haze (aurora).

My grow areas are as follows; Main flower room 7'x9' white poly, veg room (staging) 5x5 mylar tent, mother/clone tent 2x4(2 shelves) mylar tent.

Nutrient line i am using is made locally from Quick Grow Super-center, i am told it is pretty much the same as advanced but there are some minor differences. I will post the feeding schedule below.

All plants are cloned in rock-wool and then rooted in to solo cups with ProMix HP where they veg for 10-14 days before transplant in to 3 gal pots. Once in 3 gal pots they usualy veg for 8-10 weeks. I like to top the plants at least once , take off lower branches and then LST the main side branches to get a nice big canopy, seems to work good for the LED lights as the light doesnt reach far so having tall plants doesn't make sense i keep them short with lots of tops like a scrog kind of but i haven't really used a net i have just been using bamboo stakes for now, thinking of switching over to netting but i like to be able to move the plants around. 2 weeks before flower i transplant in to 5 or 7 gal pots. I have been experimenting using fabric pots and poly.

Lights i am using are not branded, they are pretty common LED light bars 4' 50 watt. so there is flower spectrum which has lots of white and red it looks like natural light. and for veg there is white/blue spectrum. Flower room has 3 panels(2x4) of 7 light bars so 350 watt on each panel covers area of 3x4.5 so works out to about 26 watt/square foot. Veg staging just before flower i have 4 veg lights and 1 flower on each panel. for mother plants and clones i just have 2 veg lights on each shelf (2x4).

Day temps around 75-80, night 70. Relative humidity veg room is usually around 40-60%, Flower room seems to fluctuate a bit more with waterings 35-65%. for ventilation i have in veg room a 200cfm exhausting in to the flower room right beside its exhaust, which is 450cfm. I keep the fans on a controller and they stay at about 60% in the day and then 40% at night so not really sure the measurement on airflow. both have carbon filters. Mother/clone room doesn't have ventilation, i have been running it for 6 weeks now with no problems but i might add in a little exhaust. Just a 6" clip fan on the mothers keeping air moving, veg room has 4 of those 6" clip fans, and the flower room has 2 big air movers that i need to replace with some oscillating fans.

I had been using TNB co2 bottles but they are costly so i recently switched over to these fungas bags not sure what its called the brand is "The Exhale homegrown co2" they just have some fungus growing in it that releases co2 seems to be doing the trick and they last longer dont need to replace every other week.

Some problems i have had; thrips. got thrips in veg and flower got pretty bad before i noticed, but i was able to take care of them pretty easy i just scrapped a couple really bad plants, trimmed up the rest a bunch and washed everything down 3 days in a row, and then again a week later. havent seen them since.
white powder mildew. pretty sure it came in with my gorilla glue clones had affected half of the strains i had in my veg tent, i washed it down pretty good a couple times but when it was in flower it showed up again at week 6 it wasnt too bad but i cropped out early and make bubble hash with the crop.
purple woody stems, slow growth. I beleive the problem is caused by the water i am using, it comes out the tap at 250-300ppm 7.8ph. I just got a R/O filter so hoping that will solve the problem. seems to affect the plants most in early veg like after i transplant from solo cups to the 3 gal they slow down for quite a bit and show lots of purple, seems to lighten up a bit in the last 2 weeks of veg and in flower.

This is the shop i get all my supplies and equipment
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