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OK guys its december and as promised a new round of testers wanted .

Only this time it will be different:

I will send 4 of my strains each 2x times

kaligria 2x
zilvermist 2x
king kong 2x
westside 2x

kushdee (will be out end of januari)

Because last time some testers could not sprout the seeds right away i want a round this time with testers that know for 100%

-they will start the thread when seeds arrived from sprouting till smoking
-did at least 1 grow report before
-they have a camera (and will use it)
-have over 100 post
-And that the seeds will not need to be send to the US :( sorry

Pm me (if you have a preference) of strain , with your name and i will pm back if the list is done for adress etc

see ya
Moe Danks

Moe Danks

I have to admit that I'm really slackin on my test. But in a couple months people will being seeing some ASG nugs from me.
Also, I'm looking forward for some Westside beans to hit the farm. I might have to snag me a pack of those.
true grit

true grit

Still got some from last round, and will be popping some more as the set-up gets dialed in. Really gonna try and work through that Zilvermist and find something special! Thanks again guys from the last round!


Staff member
anyone that takes testers and dont pop them right away will be banned.

you have been warned.... dont waste my time or the breeders time.


Arrrgh! I can't at the moment....I'm going to be moving out of town sometime mid January and am winding things down prior to moving.

I really hope I can get myself sorted quicktime in Jan/Feb, and would love to test then if you still need.

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