New Seeds From Haute Genetique Listed!

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These dank new seeds are now listed in the seed store :smoking:

Haute Genetique Presents:

Raspberry Cookies (Epik Cookies x Pink Champagne)

The Raspberry Cookies is a cross with the Raspberry Male and Epik cookies which is a clone only out of central California. The plant has classic cookie structure with deep purple coloring and a pungent nose that is truly unique.

Raspberry Glue (Gorilla Glue #4 x Pink Champagne)
The male used in the raspberry series hails from Northern California, also known as the “WOW” and is rumored to be a rare OG cross that has the classic OG power and flavor while adding a bit of purple coloring to the mix. The “Wow” AKA Pink Champagne is a coveted clone only that was acquired in 2010 then out-crossed to a strawberry diesel male then back-crossed to the original clone 5 times to produce a true Raspberry “WOW” male. The award winning Gorilla Glue #4 cut was then pollinated by this male to produce the XO Raspberry Glue. The XO Raspberry Glue has all the power and flavor of the Gorilla Glue as well as the dense structure but has a sweet overtone with beautiful purple hues when ripe.

Raspberry Fuel (Raspberry Glue x King Louis OG bx 5)
The Raspberry Fuel adds another dimension to the popular Raspberry Glue by adding an OG like structure with a heavier gas component to the terpenes. Expect a traditional OG structure with purple hues and heavy trichome development

V Kush (OGKB x Strawberry Cookies)
The "V" kush is an OGKB dominant cross of the original strawberry cookies bringing a greater yield with a much more pungent nose. This cross produces large dense flowers that are covered with resin.

Strawberry Cookies (Platinum Strawberry Kush x Epik Cookiez)
The latest reincarnation of the original Strawberry Cookiez created by "Epik Genetics". This is the same reproduction as the original that was released in Colorado in 2012 and has won numerous concentrate awards. Expect a medium yielding cookie structure plant with strawberry undertones.
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