New States in Legal Land

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Congrats to Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota for voting in favor of your referendums on legal Cannabis!

Is NY going to let Joy-zee eat their lunch???


Congratulations to my home state and hometown, New Yawk, for legalizing recreational.

What would legalization mean for New Yorkers?
New Yorkers would be allowed to possess up to three ounces of cannabis for recreational use or 24 grams of concentrated cannabis, such as oils derived from a cannabis plant.

At home, people would be permitted to store up to five pounds of cannabis, but they must take “reasonable steps” to make sure it is stored in a secured place, according to the bill.

People who are 21 and older would be allowed to use, smoke, ingest or consume cannabis products; they would also be able to give them to others who meet the same age requirement.

Where would marijuana be allowed?
Liz Krueger, the bill’s sponsor in the Senate, said people would be legally allowed to smoke in public wherever smoking tobacco is legal. “As far as right now, the law passing today, if you can smoke tobacco there, you could smoke marijuana there,” she said on Tuesday.

Would it be legal to grow marijuana at home?
Yes. For recreational purposes, users would be allowed to cultivate up to six plants at home, indoors or outdoors, and a maximum of twelve plants total per household. They would not be allowed to do so, however, until 18 months after the first adult-use dispensary opens.

Medical marijuana patients, or their designated caregivers, could also grow the plants, starting six months after the bill became law.

What happens to those with marijuana convictions?
People with marijuana-related convictions for activity that is no longer criminalized would have their records automatically expunged.

There is some precedent for such a move: In 2019, more than 150,000 people with some low-level marijuana convictions in New York had them cleared from their records.

Looks like it will be 2022 before dispensaries are set up, and therefore at least 2023 before anyone can legally grow.
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