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Lemon Stomper
Lemon stomper was made with an Elephant stomper male hit to a lemon Larry female. 8 to 9 weeks flowering time. Rock hard, resin covered bigger than golf ball nuggets you will get when you take her to the 9th week. If you like Elephant stomper and Lemon Larry, then this combo will blow you away.

Blue Bubba Kush
Blue Bubba was made from a blue god male, hit to are famous Bubba Kush cut that we have had over ten years now. With the Blue God influence to the Bubba Kush, it gives it a larger plant, a bigger yield, and bluish tint to the plant. Let it go to 10 weeks for the full look and flavor to come out. One greater cross with the Bubba Kush cut.

Elephant Stomper
We took the purple elephant cut, and hit it with a grape stomper x Aloha white widow male. This too is a large tall plant needs a lot of room and light. Giver her 9 to 10 week to finish and late October for outside.

Fat purple
This is a mystery strain. As I only know the father of this strain, as the mother come from a seed from shake. My buddy grew it and called it Fat Marty. So in the making of this plant we took a Purple Rhino X G-13 male and hit that to the unknown Fat Marty female. I have been working to get a great purple strain that has both a purple bud and a strong high. And after a long time of different crosses of purple strains I think we have got it. This was 6 years in the making. This is also an 8 to 10 week plant. Put her under the light for the best out come. You don’t need to have lower temps to get the purple. She is a medium to tall plant. I think this is a winner for the purple strain lovers.

Blood Rose
This was a cross I made from Riot’s seeds Blood Rose. Which if you read his description of it is a Flying Dutchmen's The Pure aka Skunk #1 and hit her with a Heath Robinson's Black Rose. Then we took a male of are Black Russian which is a Russian land race cut that was hit with Mr. Nice black widow male. We wanted to keep the name Blood Rose because of the cranberry red buds you get from her. She is an indica sativa mix with an 8 to 10 week finish. This is a good cross that you want for your collection. This was done with an open pollination and several males where used, so there are a wide range of pheno’s to hunt for.
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