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Let me start with, Super dope social platform you guys have created!!!!!! Just recently got back into the industry. All my experience is outdoor/gorilla grows all organic. Off and on for the past 12 years. Turning two-three harvest a year. I would indoor grow for only about a week or two then outside they went. So I’m a noob to full indoor grows. I have done research so I’m not just starting blind. Just looking for more knowledge,tips, tricks and ideas.

So here is the set up for now ,funds are limited so this is a “budget” grow, I have got:
32”x32”x63” tent
Mars Hydro TS600 light
6” desk fan
On the way I have a carbon filter intake/exhaust fan. PH & PPM testers another fan and a humidifier.
I’m using soil Mother Earth Ground Swell (beacause it’s is what was available and I’m not in a position to mix my own like I used to for outdoor). I have already popped and planted seeds. Today it is one week from me starting the germination Process. Started in 30ml shot glass, Just transplanted into solo cups Today. My temps range from 70f-80f degrees. RH is Ranging 45%-60% (Thus my need for the humidifier ). I am aware of lockout using nutrients and such but any ideas and suggestions for maximizing my yield would be much appreciated.

Two strains the first is Blue Monster 420, the second is CHEESE (in order of photos)the first two are day two from breaking soil BM420/Cheese.
Now the second set is BM420 side and top view.
Third set is Cheese side &top view
I should note that both seedlings stretched
To about 3 1/2” before I transplanted into solo cup where I sank them a bit to support plant. (And yes my light was to high, yes I lowered it😉) only using Balanced PH water for now not quite sure when and if I should add nutes. Roots looking good before transplant. The cheese opened first but the Blue Monster did have the seed husk hang on a bit long. I ended up removing it myself. That’s it in a nutshell.


@Madbud Are you talking about extra water while in soil or before?I let them soak 24hrs in Water and a couple of drops of Hydrogen peroxide. Then 24hrs in a paper towel locked in a ziplock before going into soil. By then both tap roots hAd grown to 3/4”.


When its in the soil, otherwise its pretty delicate to try removing with a tool.
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