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Whats the deal? The amount of conflicting information is crazy. If you google it the answer you get is a medical patient is permitted to grow 3 "immature" and 3 "mature" plants. If you dig further you find this is only after a 60 day Comment Period that ended on 01/18/2022.
You can find some information that say Adult peasants 21 or older can cultivate 2 months after big companies get their fill. But what does that mean for Medical patients?
Please, can anyone shed some light on this. Anyone feel like they have a grasp of whats going on?
I was told right now as a medical patient I can still be given a cease and desist at any moment since its not legal or illegal.
Any lawyers on here giving free advice? 😁


As a fellow New Yorker I can tell you what I know and think. The 60 day period has indeed come and gone. The governing cannabis body never acted on that. With a med card certainly no one is going after a 6 plant med. grow or any other. A large group of us in central NY, 2.2 thousand feel it is like this. Grow is not specifically illegal for a med holder and there are no penalties written yet. Cease and desist letters have gone to shops openly selling yet there are several open. None have gone to home small scale growers. I can tell you there are thousands in the state that aren't at all worried about it.


This was the last website I looked on I diddnt see an expiration date after cuomo signed it

but since it’s New York I’m glad I never went for medical licence as it’ll just draw attention also another reason I’m using LED instead of HID just for the reduced power consumption also was the perfect time as I just bought the house a few months ago so there won’t be a “spike” in electrical usage it’ll be the average for my home since power was turned on in my name lol

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