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Hoping to visit New Zealand for my 60th birthday next Feb. Wife's mom has passed so we can go in comfort knowing she is in a better place.
Have been there 12 times back in the day.
Back in the day we were drunk most all of the time down there so this will be a
whole new deal for sure. Fly fishing there is insane....Hoping to spend the month there..
Hopefully will not get to homesick.
Cant wait to show the wife some of the most beautiful places in the world...
The stories I have of travels there, I could write a book..
One day we were in Christchurch, South island.
We visited the Lion brewery and they gave us T shirts and other souvenirs.
We were on handbrake holiday wrecking a renta car, whole nother story,
on a Saturday and our Avis Mini cooper ran out of gas approving a hill. it barely reached the top but we started coasting and coasted right to the gas pump in a town called Browns no push, no brake coasted right to it..
it was Mc tyres garage a BP gas station.
We went to the house out back, wife came to door stating me husbands up at the pub, he better not be pissed, drunk
right next door was the Browns pub, a DB Beer pub. At the time the 2 major beers were BD and Lion Beer.
Like fools we entered the pub with our Lion beer t shirts on Sat. night all were pissed to the gills drunk.
As soon as we entered the place went wild. They were carrying on laughing and yelling at us over the Lion beer t shirts.
Was difficult to understand them being drunk and the Kiwi accent. One fella shoved my friend to the ground, more play than fight, and another took off his boot and challenged me to drink some lion beer from that.
I ended up taking off T shirt and bought the pubs T shirts for all of us, told them were on a mission, a drinking mission, skulled down a few pints showing them my guzzling skills and they soon loved us.
Pubs close at 10, we kept it open till midnight.
Upon closing we met Bobby Mc intyre and man was he pissed.
Classic South islander, Tweed jacket, grizzly looking drunk as could be drinking gin.
We got him up helped him home, put him to bed, she told us you must stay in the bunkhouse. She apologized for his condition, we were not far behind, fed us dinner.
Next day we woke up to full gas tank, more apologizes for his condition and off we went.
I returned next year with a bottle of fine gin for bobby but he dried up and was drinking only Raro an orange juice like drink, his family and business were way better off..
I am writing a auto bio of my life, stalled out a bit at the moment, lots of wild and crazy times but the ending is playing out better than I could have ever dreamed, it's been a long and wonderful ride so far and the best is yet to come...
Got to find a farm sitter....Will be a blast....
Not being drunk, whole nother world...
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You must be getting old, there isn't any good fly fishing in new zealand. Sorry to burst your bubble.



Sounds like a real adventure! I used to spend months away from home in different countries, but these days much past 11 days and I start to get antsy and homesick.

Not much I enjoy more in life than traveling. Experiencing old world cultures and conversing with non-Americans is important for Americans' limited perception/conception of the world.

NZ is one I have yet to visit, but I'll get down there eventually. Wife and I are early in planning stages for a trip to Central and/or South America, leaning toward Cuba and Costa Rica, with strong consideration to Belize. If you're not exploring you're boring


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Gave me chills. The water down there is crystal clear. the fish are totally wild sothey will spook easy, thus the long casts.. Wow....


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Either shit or get off the toilet...
Sent for funds....
Will book round trip ticket next week!!!!!!!!!!!
Trip of a lifetime..
will be so awesome to visit and not be all drunk.
Thinking no need for weed will be so stoked....
Just thilled to death!!!


come on out...Really am seeking help if anyone is interested...
Does the offer come with boat privileges?Id come do that in an instant if that wasnt my busiest time of the year.


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The story on the top fish was the fisherman stalked that trout all season.
The fish are totally wild, the water crystal clear, they spook very easily.
Sight fishing is required one person slowly walks upstream and sights fish, one gets only a few casts before fish spooks.
He got his chance and this monster took a mouse pattern...
wow just wow...
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