Newb’s First Try Sick Seedlings

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Tried reading to see what advice you had been given albeit it really doesn’t help when folks post pics of there own grow. Albeit you’ve probably been given good advise.

You said you seeds in a combo of soaking and tissue didn’t germinate one of the biggest things that kills seeds is over wet tissue. You want it slightly moist not wet and a lotta folks don’t figure how moist it should be and the seeds drown.

One thing i didn’t see posted was if you use a lot of it can raise the ph quite a bit past the point of the soil buffering I noticed that when I had bad neighbours who used to dump rotting food in there garden and no matter what I tried I’d always get gnats from during the summer when I had to open windows and they were everywhere I tried d.e bti however I just couldn’t get rid of them predator nematodes did the trick however as said along the way I used a lotta d.e. and it definitely was raised my ph in buffered soil.


Thanks for the feedback on germination. I may have drowned them. But it was just my three Purple Trainwrecks. My other two (Northern Lights and Green Crack split right open after sitting on top of the water for about 2 days in warm darkness. I’ll be more aware and deliberate in my next go. It also sounds like I should be paying more attention to soil/water pH. I’ve been watering with compost/soil tea and the ladies seem to love it, so far. I’m glad I decided to nurse them back. I am digging this new nightly project. Check out the different leaf shapes. My NL has the classic sharp pattern that I expected. Then there’s GC back there trying to keep up with her huge wide spans. Freaking cool as shit! I’m also watching the height and in anticipation of stretch, might be looking to flip to flower in the next week or two. Don’t want to risk growing right up to the top and into my light. Light is currently hanging about 2 ft from the top of tent. Does this seem right? At full power (10) or should I start to drop it down closer to canopy ht?
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