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First ever 1150w indoor grow. I started back in 2013. Had no clue what I was doing. Still learning after 7 years of not being able to grow. So I’m still a newbie bear with me. Here is my 12 plant grow.
5 strains
San Fernando Valley
Blue dream Haze
Fruit slap
Cheese diesel( Sonoma seeds)
Critical super silver haze
Lighting is. Par pro 1150w
Sun system 2 ballast
600w hortilux blue added day 66
Harvested a 1/3 of themon day 71. I am letting the rest go. There is virtually no amber yet.
I did a 48-72 hour flush before harvesting the 4. Introduced nutes on the others for 7-10 more days. I normally do a 3 day flush on ebb and flow 2 20 minute feedings a day.
247ABD4C B19A 46B5 9AB8 14FC9F90F31D
37682B35 FBFA 42BB 9C37 51957C98C254
787BD37C BC11 48F1 ADDD A31685F9CE24
A201BB0A 3924 4FF0 AAFD D0252ECF4A19
E7E6D4AE 2732 442A 8AB3 68246875B736
D4FA930E EE38 4248 A4DF C98FF6368B62
521BB2D9 547A 4DAA 8521 534DC50A6350
A63C700D 078C 4C56 832E D30098ACAB1E
A1075BD4 BA82 4126 AEA6 97CB5C16097F
574DFA9D 49E7 420B 87BB 1E3B78F6D5F2
BFF0322F 7729 4FA6 8324 376667C27F31
BE52B73B 5F50 43C0 AB30 B963432EA842
7ABCA8B3 AEA8 4E21 9CB5 73BFD49E2DB5
ED050614 8047 4B56 8EFE C36DA17F27AA
DF080F63 792A 48A7 8B8F 7816C2F26754
80FC2463 6D2A 4E96 9FE0 E221FFFB678E
5AC78EC6 5053 48C0 AC88 CEFE265AC420
D783535E 4592 49D2 8C5B 2200B76AC43C
CB26CE33 51D3 4632 B8A4 C5A846E4F784

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