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A little about myself eh?

I'm 44, married with twin 17-year-old boys. My two passions are marine aquariums and marijuana. Life would be almost perfect if it wasn't for the debilitating anxiety and depression I suffer from, Both are very manageable though with traditional meds and marijuana. My friend has been talking to me about growing for the last few months and I finally decided to take the plunge. I'm in the process of setting up a DIY 4-bucket plus reservoir rDWC hydroponic system, basically the same design my friend is using. I've got a 4x4 grow tent and Viparspectra KS5000 lights, and going to go with the AC Infinity controller and ventilation system. I'm hoping to have this all set up and ready to go by the end of March at the latest. Looking forward to getting to know everyone around here.



What’s better than staring at fish or plants growing? Doing it medicated. Your life will be forever better 👍
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