Newbie - Outdoor Michigan grower - to harvest or not to harvest - that is the question....

Newbie here - I have no idea what I am doing. I have looked at hundreds of photos and read many posts. I'm in Southeast Michigan - I don't know what strain I am growing. I have one very large plant, outdoors (about 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide). When I look at the trychos with the loupe - they all look cloudy. Very few amber - almost none. There are still a lot of white pistils - on lower parts of some of the big flowers. Calyx are very swollen.

I think maybe I should wait a little longer - however, it has been raining last few days, rain in the forecast today and next couple of days. Temps cool - but will be hot this week - (unusually). (Also - may have a little wpm - but could also be white paint from the wall....seems only to be on a few leaves that were leaning against the house...I did spray baking soda on just in case).

I would love some input - to harvest or not - please take a look at my photos.

Thanks so much!
Yeah, gotta agree with the above... My plants looked like that three weeks ago and I'm still holding off for at least another week. Mine are outside but protected with plastic so they don't get beaten by rain, plus I'm in Hawaii so the temps aren't an issue. I'd think that since this is the end of September, you've got some time to go, maybe another month. You've got such a nice plant, you can always harvest some every week, then at least next time around you'll have a better idea. I'd probably pull a good amount of the larger fan leaves off at this point too, that way the interior will get some light and you will increase air circulation which will help if you have mold issues in your neck of the woods. Good luck!
Thanks all for your advice and comments. I removed quite a few fan leaves -it definitely opened up the plant - just in the nick of time as there was just another down pour. I think this will help. Praying that I don't get the dreaded bud rot....I think I may have removed some trichomes - as my hands are very sticky - it sure does smell good. Like cotton candy! This has been such a fun experience - I never knew how pretty a weed could be:)
Keep an eye out for budworms too. I pulled about 50 or more of them from my flowers (on 30 plants though... so not all on one plant, lol) over the past month. It isn't so much the damage from them eating, it is the damage they leave behind after the bud die (or portions of them), then the mold coming in and growing on the left over dead tissue, caterpillar crap. No sense in losing product over those things, especially if you are vigilant.