NFT & LED ~ Back in the game after 10 years away

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Hello All;
So I have got the itch for playing with some hydro set ups again after being away from the sport for 10 years,
I notice a lot of people here using ebb & Flow, undercurrent which is still basically ebb & flow.
I used to have a lot of fun with NFT, Has the industry gone away from NFT?.
Also, what are peoples thoughts on LED lights?

My initial thoughts are to set up what I am familiar with
an NFT set up with a light on a light rail, I notice a lot of people hanging their lights vertically and growing their plants way bigger than I am used to.
So to recap:

what are the benefits that people seem to be using ebb flow and undercurrent systems for than NFT now?

what about LED grow lights vs. MH/HPS?

Why are we hanging lights vertically and growing bigger plants, vs. smaller plants and horizontal lights?

Lastly, we were playing around with Negative ion generators in the rooms to excite the water in the systems, any thoughts?



LEDs work well for vegging a SOG type of grow as long as you get enough of them and keep them nearly touching the plants, like 2 inches away or less. You get good dense bushy plants with really green leaves. I don't know anyone that does really well flowering with them. They're cheaper to run 24 hours a day than a higher wattage HID and you don't need cooling fans. For a small room like mine they work out OK but I don't know if I'd get them again since I have to run an HID in the flower room anyway.


The Undercurrent is not even close to being ebb and flow. It a recirculating deep water culture system.

People are growing vertical to stay under their plant count because they are medical, and those who are not can stay way under 99 and still get huge yields. Led's are not the way to go for production. Stick with the standard MH/HPS.
Once again, people are straying away from NFT type systems because they require a higher plant count.


Thanks to all, Yes my mistake with the under current and flood drain comment, I was so busy web researching the other day and got all crossed eyed looking at this link article
and then looking at undercurrent videos etc..
thanks for the comments on LEDs I had noted some yield drops in flowering under LEDs vs HPS, and thanks for the heads up on the whole medical 99 plant thing.. Back in europe it never mattered, now i'm in B.C its all the same yet different.
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