NL/Amsterdam -> 23july till 5august - Canna Tour

Hello my fellow friends from Thcf !

Thanks to the good people who gave me great advices on my last trip to amsterdam, a month ago, i had the best time there ever, smoking some of the best hashs on the planet...

it cost me about 300E in hash for two days, and to be sent to my place.

smoked a lot of different nepal, including the amazing xxx, some amnesia iceo (wow !), charras, cream, and had a good time learning more and more about it !

So, i ll be in Netherlands, amsterdam and other places probably, for almost two weeks : 23/07 ->05/08....

I ve got some money, but not much, and i ll be probably bringing a lot of my herb and hash not to spend money on that... especially herb which is no better than the one i grow at home...

So if you have any suggestion on what to visit or to do, cannabis related or not, please let me know ! I enjoy riding a bike, and doing some km a day doesn t scare me (well not yet, but i m not really high in amsterdam ^^). I can do some hitchhiking too to travel around...

And if you re somewhere in holland and want to try some french goodies, and talk about our beloved herb, just let me know so i ll try to be around !

my plan is :

first week end with my gf and friends, probably camping in amsterdam, doing some tourism... (high for me !).

beginning of the 1st week: still camping, meeting people, and another friend of mine from mexico to show him da place !

then nothing special

then heading to utrecht for a week end with other friends, maybe not in utrecht i don t know yet.

and..again nothing special...

finally i need then to end up on the 5 in eindhoven for my flight to... spain ;-) for a big private cannabis cup ^^ can i bring some hash in the plane ? anybody ?

Thanks !
i m there, smoking some nice hash : nepal, cream, king hassan, and more... will do some reports later...

anybody is around amsterdam atm ?


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I wish I was.

As your there for a while, take a trip down to delft. Very picturesque place indeed. I always found 3 days was the max I could spend in the dam. Mentally, physically and financially. LOL.

Have a great time man.
hey herbalistic !

3 days = 500Euros.. that is the dam... fucked up half of my bank account, still three weeks of holidays, only a week has passed.. LOL

Mellofello, mate we'll talk through pm for sure.. i ll be there on sunday !

just broke my new bubbler this morning..shit happens.. gotta go back to th seeds for a new one, this one was awesome, i can t do without it any more !

so far i ve smoked a lot, which is not surprising ^^

hash : king hassan, lala hasna (cheap riffman), from damprking. Border hash, and this sticky black hash dauhla girl from the blue bird... jungli from greenhouse.. nepal xxx + some high grade morrocon...

herb: superlemon haze, hawaiian snow, greenhouse. cannalope la confidential blue bird. SSH from a very nice batch. SAGEl, katsu

some very nice stuff, but yet not much of incredible stuff, except for the nepal xxx... the ssh was very euphoric, very nice overall...
the hawaian snow always start a storm in my head, very potent sativa...

dhaula girl is so sticky and oily, but quite expensive... very tasty dark hash.. also the border black hash is a lot lower grade, its incredible price (3e/g) makes it very interesting..
the la was quite stoney, but not strong enough i found. same for the chocolope.. a little disappointed, i was looking for a night smoke.. using morrocon for that now, works well !

i have spent few days really enjoying the dam life... i ld like to thanks a lot mr haze for all the tips on finding good hash,

also adam and his partner from th seeds, for their warm welcome, their awesome prices on bubblers, and the best bong i ve ever tried... I m gonna be back for another bubbler there for sure, and try not to break it this time !

see ya fellow farmers !


hi titoon

sounds like your having a blast
wish i was there

did you try the black widow from katsu(the best i found on my last visit)also the nlspecial plus is good most of the time(its a nl5haze well cured)also the nl5haze

bummer about the bubbler

3/euro for a g of hash wow thats the cheapest price i ever heard
even the dirt weed is usally that price or even dearer

keep us updated and enjoy the rest of your holiday

hello ojd...

thanks for the tip on the katsu, ill try to be back to check their black widow..; i ve bought their SAGE last week end, nice sativa, taste ok, nothing special...

i m just waking and baking with some SSH, X18, Nepal, Morrocon.. wityh my new bubbler... 21euro; amazing price, and as smooth as the previous one if not smoother...
i m going for a bike tour in utrecht, then back to adam tonight.

i have to take picts to post them later...



hi titoon

sounds like your having a blast

and thats a great price on the bubler
post some pics of it and weed/hash you get

so where was the good x18 from
is it beter than the headband kush and the la confidential

i found it a bit more fruity and less kushy but i onlt tried it once or so and it might not of tried the best bit
it was good,like hindu kush from media coffeshop over the road from katsu(i have not been in a while so am not sure of the quality but check that place out fully organic menu with great prices)

enjoy the rest of your trip

hi titoon

good to hear you're having fun :) i fear i won't be able to stop by this summer :/ so you'll have to visit me in the south ;)

have you been to the noon in adam? it's a nice small shop and sometimes has some of the best weed in town... i remember getting a kali mist there that was a real sativa (pretty rare in adam, all the ssh amnesia etc are selected for yield more than for sat high)

also haven't heard about them in years but i was told that you can get SFA (skunkfanclubamsterdam - old positronics genetics) beans at la tertulia, maybe stop by there and ask...

next time mate we'll trip through amsterdam together :)

I have the remnants of the head of my X18 - cured for about 3 or 4 months now - destroyed me and SeenTheLight last night - will save some for a smoke with you OJD... :)