No Flower, Lots Of Clones And New Varieties Help Me Make The Perfect Clone/mom Plan

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I took the summer off and have been grow all veg and aquiring strains for 6 mos. Lots of helping friends do their outdoors etc. While i take the summer off and get my shit together. Now i have alot of new variteies i have collected and i have learned alot about the clone game.

I def need to organize cause i have demand i cant keep up with and more varieties than i can remember.

Current Variety List (29):
SFV og
Diablo OG
Skywalker OG (indica dom)
Purple Menace
Sour Diesel
Maui Wowie
Blue Dream
Chocolate Chunk
Pinapple Chunk
7/8 Sour
Chocolate Hashberry
Abusive OG
Tangerine Power
GSC? no idea what cut yet, lost my S1 cut :(
Strawberry Banana
Charlotttes Web
Mango Kush
Phantom Cookies
Whtie Fire Alien OG
Chemdog #4 x GSC
British Columbia OG
Blueberry (real close to old school, dj short or dutch passion blue)
Gorilla Glue
Purple Urkle

I also have seed that I have aquired over time recently too. My main concern is how to provied the best clones given you can only use t5 and no hps. Currentlty I am using coco and a range of left over nutrients. My main challenge is that I never have kept moms around i just clone perpetually and run the small mothers. Now I just want to run a small tent or two for personal and hand out cuts and enjoy the variety. Along with being able to show off my cuts to customers and test out new cuts. I dont like keeping mothers around and i dont have a giant space to veg mothers (yet). How do i organize this shit. I know it could be so much better and i dont want to lose some of the gems I have and have yet to get.

How would you handle it given the situation? Main conserns are preserving gentitcs, low maintenance, production of clones etc. All help appriciated and pics to come of small mothers or what ever. We have GH going with my cuts and a small amount of indoor, for now. \
Thanks ahead of time for the input! Ask questions if i didint explain. I will update and put back to this community, Im ready to grow for reals agian. :)


@Wisher619 I like that guide and have seen similar in the past. I'm always scared to cut my sacred genetic plant roots lol. It may be time to try that technique so I can keep small plants as I prefer them to large bushes for t5 lighting that doesn't penetrate. I'm thinking 1-2 gallon pots. Hmmm I'll see what I can do when I go to the garden. I'm sure I have an extra plant experiment with.

@ShroomKing there is never enough space it seems.
rubthe nub

rubthe nub

I like to use 5" square pots, I think they're from active aqua. They hold about 1/2 gallon of soil.
Use T-5's on a rack/shelf, this let you have 18"-24" tall mothers. Can easily get 4-6 clones off a plant that size. The racks give you the most efficient use of floor space.


I agree with Rubthe nub 1/2 gal is perfect...I use the cheap self water pots from Walmart although I don't actually water from the bottom I water till the Rez fills up and then the girls drink it down during the week

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