Nutrient burn or heat stress? Not sure what to do

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Pineapple exspress
Week 4 flower
Soil is fox farm ocean forest

I checked the ph ec all within normal levels, then a few days later SHES like this, I have been feeding her EXTREMELY lightly with big bloom liquid food, but prob should stop? There was a point though a couple weeks into flower where I almost lost her do to heat and lack of water. I’ve got four weeks left with her and there’s no option to scrap her, what should I do for the next 4 weeks up til harvest? Also I am using 3 lights, a small 5 w a bigger purple led and a brighter all white led I’d say close to 400w maybe combined? Rough guess, 4x4 tent, temps are real comfy 76 to 80 at daytime and 65 to 72 night, humidity is around 50%
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