Nutrient Prices "HEAVY 16"

Where can i get the best deal on this bundle?


Also when i looked on the bottles for the bloom nutrients at my local hydro shop each bottle said $79.99. Doesn't make sense. I went onto a few websites and its either sold separately for around $45 for part A and $45 for part B or Both part A/B for $100 total. Was the guy at the hydro shop confused? Should it be $79.99 for both part A/B? They do give me 25% off so maybe it still comes close to the $45 a bottle

What should i be paying? I am kinda confused lol!

Thanks :)
5L of bud a and bud b are each $55.99 msrp. 4L of prime is $74.99 msrp. 1L of Fire retails for $169.99. Hope that helps.
fuck $169.99 for 1L of Fire, super glad i talked to Bryce (hope i spelled his name right) n he sent me a sample pack it contained a 16-17 OZ bottle of fire also got a couple sample bottles from a local hydro shop that had H16 there on vendor day. seems like it's the shit, so if it does what they say ima start buying it after there done
MSRP lol! That's what i was thinking. I couldn't believe he said MSRP. I want real pricing not manufactures recommendations. I will be getting the 5L Bloom A/B for $79.99 total plus tax. Getting a liter of Fire for like $100. The prime 4L for like $50. Going to use two Aptus boosters with the heavy 16. Trying to get them all but there boosters are expensive. Gonna pick up the Heavy 16 line mañana