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Here is the October 2018 contest,New Rules implemented so please read them.

If your new PLEASE go READ THE RULES in the sticky threads at the top of the main "https://www.thcfarmer.com/community/threads/photo-of-the-month-rules.91766/" page.

Only post pictures of your entries,do not make comments about the pictures here.Also remember you can vote 3 times in the prelims. Votes didn't get counted cause people voted more than 3 times.
A New rule will be implemented on having a 100 post count per username to be able to enter and vote.Creating fake names to vote for your own pics wont fly here.Voting members need to actually be participating members in the forum.
This month was the most drama free month I have seen yet on the threads and you guys did a good job keeping everything organized,Thank you

Contest winner will get a free 32oz bottle of seagreen from Primordialsolutions.com
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