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Hello everyone, just dropping a quick note to say hello. I'm a medical patient from Colorado, a friend referred me, thought I'd give this place a whirl. Anyhow, you'll be seeing more of me... Take care... :joint:


Welcome to the farm. I'm a fellow patient and this site has been most helpful. Lots of great info and lots of good people here.


Hey BudGood

I love Colorado and if there is a state that I would move to out of Cali It would be....well Hawaii.... haha then Colorado hehe..

Anyways glad your here this place rocks!



Welcome Bud God!

I am a medical patient /grower also. I spent some time in the Dolores/Cortez area. My father was from those parts. Alots of knowledge here. Any questions just ask and someone is bound to answer you!



Sweet, thank you all for the kind welcome! :)

Whippleschnitz, I've been a cardcarrying patient for just a few months, but I have been growing and medicating for about 12 years now. Good people and good info is right up my alley. :rasta2:

Trichy, hello! Same Trichy from IC, I take it? Right on! :party0042:

Monkey, I really like Colorado. I'm glad I was born, and live here. That being said, I'd like to do some traveling, and Hawaii is one of the places I intend to visit. Looks like a beautiful place! :bong2:

pikes peak 69, thanks for the recommendation! This place has a very cool vibe to it, looking forward to being a contributing member! :party0044:

crazycatwoman, nice! I've spent a little time in that area working, very down to earth people. I hope to be answering more questions than I ask, but I am on a lifelong quest for knowledge, so I enjoy reading others ideas and views on subjects I'm interested in: such as marijuana! :harvest:

Again, thanks for the welcome. You'll be seeing a lot more of me, I guarantee it. :)



Welcome budgood. Big mountains and big buds. I loved Co. when I visited.


Hello neighbor! I have lived in Colorado for over 20 years and love the weed scene here. It is a great place to live..clean air, clean water, beautiful mountains and dank ass weed. That is a high quality of life!


Budgood I saw a post of yours about your good doc on another forum and was wondering if you could email me since I cant PM to ask you a question about it.

feijao @ safe-mail.net

Thanks brother,
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