Oily Film in Reservoir

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I recently switched from DtW to a gravity fed bottom feeding reservoir system and I've been having a small problem with an oily film collecting on the surface of the reservoir and the base pots. It breaks up easily upon stirring and is easily removed with a paper towel. It looks slightly like gasoline on water with its thin rainbowy reflection staying on the surface but less fluid looking. I can add pics if it builds up again.

I'm having trouble finding what it could be but my first suspicion is that the oils from my hand are the culprit as I haven't worn gloves every time i reached into the pots or the reservoir. I can't think of any ingredients that could cause this unless it was a failure in the mixing process or a temperature problem but the solution stays around 75 degrees.

I don't think it was from my solution but ingredients for this fill were RO water (w/15% tap) GH flora trio, armor si, calmag, raw amino acids, raw fulvic acid, raw b-vitamin, raw yucca, SLF-100 enzymes, and phosphoric acid for ph down. Silica, calmag, and flora micro all get at least 10-15 min to sit before mixing the next ingredient. I've also been using mainly the same mix for a month with the addition of b-vit for this week and substituting GH humic for raw fulvic. Plants have been drinking this for the past few days with no sign of problems. I've only seen oil build up in a bottle of my mix once a month before this.

I'm waiting on a small circulation pump for the main reservoir to keep it stirred but the base pots will still be stagnant. Has anyone else had similar issues with an oil film in their res?
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