Ok Can't Be That Hard??

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I have both Cloth and Plastic Buckets. Leaning towards Plastic because they are easier to move.

Got 3 Ladies about ready to be transplanted from Feminized Seed.

Soil I bought Pro Mix in the Blue and Black Bag. Got to reading and found it has Time Released Fertilizer. Thought this is why we didn't want Miracle Grow. So I bought Happy Frog, just glanced at it and seen Fertilizer. Got several pounds of Worm Castings.

Got 3 Bottles of Fox Farm Fertilizer.

Got some good LED Grow Lights with Timer . Got Survival Blankets for Reflection. Thinking of building a Frame with pieces of Cattle Panel to hold up the Plants.

I'm saying it can't be hard because so many are growing out in the brush and doing fine. Plus my Grandma was growing in her backyard and doing fine.

Ok people help me put this together, I believe I have enough to grow just need to get around to what I need to to have a successful grow.

I know this is getting ahead and will probably ask later but I'm thinking of Topping them, told not to because it might kill them. Got a Shed that at present time has Gas in it but it can be Locked. Thinking of moving the Gas out now, letting it air out and using this for drying.

I have 3 1/2 acres and mostly woods, live next to a Cop, you go out his Back Door your on my property. Legal trying to keep it that way because I'm not wanting to chance losing my permit.

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