old HID hanging 280° 2x2x5 SCROG

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Hi there second post of mine its just because i'm high and was thinking for a while about the massive area increase when u are able to use 5 planes for "scrogging". A sphere area raise way faster than the area of a square. For example if we think about a 2x2 rise to 3x3, in area we raise from 4 to 9ft2 in square case, while we got a raise from about 16f to 20 to 50 to 54 ft2. While the relation between areas for each case is relatively the same, still u get 5ft2 vs 24ft2, from a feet tent enlargement. So all this to say hey despite less effiiciency (not that much in reds and far reds) u get a lots of cultivable area.
So YES, basically i have an ancient magnt ballast and a 250w HPS lying arround. Idea is to make 2x2 tent with a DIY cooltube with a borosilicate gas/camping lamp glass replacement. There will be a 2 inches space between net and panels.
Another trippy thing, did u know electromagnetic fields influence plant growth?! ?! ?!? !

I ve seen some others about HF and EF influence in plants responses. Anyone put a coil arround a plant and put it from veg freq to bloom freq? LOL. I dont think it would be reasonable as the currents involved should require some considerable power, also copper not cheap...
But maybe one can make some sort of that place where u took your pokemon to reheal, like this plant is been severely damaged by thrips, then u can throw it there a couple of weeks, i read it keeps pests away, i can imagine a few reasons for it.
WAAIT, my HPS lamp draws a couple of AMPs, no kidding, i could make an enormous coil right away, without puttin anymore money to it,
I still wonder hmm, what woud such inductive load make to the lamp, lets hope for the best.
Anyway i'm still wondering about how this waves interact with plans, they most surely shall interefere with us, so maybe yes go to the garden sometime, an isolate garden full of your tastier fruits
Have anyone tried this cillyindrical kind of grow and was the increase in yield accordingly for the increased area?
I also like the idea to have some mercury vapour (without UVC) or high Kelvin Mh to give it some uv in the last couple of weeks. Had good results with malted barley, its chitin seems to have increased trichome production. Because it will be hot i'm xpecting to have a dry enviroment, plus drought stress, plus chitin, plus UVB, i'm only missing the cold stress, which i like, right now i have some River Haze (Silver Haze x Desfran) x 2046 out there about three months into flowering, now its about 47F at night and 65F at 2 pm. Its getting frosty and wicked coulored.

Anyway if u have the gig boring somewhere u may consider a minicheap indoor if light anit expensive



Electricity is the answer.

The researchers from CAAS found that electricity boosted the yield of vegetable crops by 20 – 30% and this results are based on 20% reduction in fertiliser used and 70 – 100% reduction in pesticide consumption.


In 1902, a physics Professor Selim Lemstrom realised that the trees under the aurora borealis grew faster than the same trees under a warmer climate. However, most of the earlier electro culture experiments were fail as the experimental condition was varied from place to another. Any variation in the wide range of the natural elements could lead to very different output


  • The introduction of high-voltage kills all the virus-transmitting diseases and bacteria both in the soil and air.

Those statements are all very suspect - bro sciencey to me. I can go further, but my advice is you are barking up the wrong tree on that one.

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