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I am in no mood tonight as just harvested my 30th strain(over 3 year period) and as usual,poor results. Extremely healthy but no real flavor. I am a senior citizen smoking since the 70's and you all are foolin yourselves with these genetics today . No comparison today's weed is not what we had. I was lucky enough to be old enough to remember the days of Afgani and Columbian Golds and the green buds were so dank with flavor and expansion, you could not hide the smell. like nothing today. Our old days pot tasted and kicked like today's vape pens (cut with fucking butane and propane.) Do not give me crap or advise on my grow cause I go way back. Have the best of the best in gear. I know what I am doing,lets put it that way. I think all these seedbanks are shit scams. The Genetics of the 70's and 80's were real and new and fresh,not mass produced. Tried ILGM,Memphisto,Humbold Seed,yea they all seem to come up short on old school quality. No flavor,no kik.no expansion. Its the seeds, there aint none left (real) Any old schoolers out there remember?


The 1st seeds I ever bought were from Chimera, C4!! One of those plants u wished u would've kept around😔I here u on some of the herb these days, it's hard to find trustworthy, dependable, reliable, actual breeders u can talk to!! I recently jist started growing some stuff from my guy @Trustfall on here. TenguSeed. Hes got some rly nice older stylee plants u may b interested in crossed his Okie, check him out man!! Documented and reliable, best of luck!!


Mosca, Bodhi, Top Dawg, Nirvana, Dutch Passion, DNA & Reserva Privada, Soma, Mr Nice, Karma, Female Seeds all have reliable good tasting strong stuff available.
wish flying dutchman was still operating tho they had some gems.
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