One of Britain’s biggest ever cannabis farms


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ONE of Britain’s biggest ever cannabis farms has been discovered in Macclesfield – after the building it was being grown in caught fire.
Two men were spotted running away from a house, which was hiding the massive cannabis plantation, just moments before it went up in flames.
The men, described as being of oriental appearance were wearing white face masks, were crying as they ran from the three storey building.
An estimated 8,000 cannabis plants said to be worth about £500,000 were discovered by police at the property on Bridge Street, Macclesfield.
It is believed the fire was sparked after the electricity meters had been by-passed to set up the complex cultivation system.
Inside the run down listed building police discovered cannabis plants in rooms on every floor along with fertiliser.
There was a nursery room, growing room and potting room all insulated and set up to create the ideal growing conditions. The living quarters were on the top floor.
Neighbours in the terrace-lined street which is just outside the town centre, believed the building, a former Labour club, was empty and spoke of their shock after learning of the discovery.
One 38-year-old local man, who did not want to be named, said: “There was a woman near the building and she said, ‘There’s a fire’. When I looked I could see smoke coming out of the bricks.
“Two Chinese lads with face masks and tears in their eyes came running out of the building.
“I shouted: ‘Don’t worry, the fire brigade are on their way.’ And they just kept running.
“My fear was that there might be more people in there.
“I’ve been here 16 years and I had no idea what was going on there.”
Not heard a sausage
Another 48-year-old local man said: “I must walk up and down the street 40 times a day and I have not heard a sausage.
“Considering the number of plants that were in there, I’ve never smelt anything or seen anything suspicious and it’s an absolute shock.”
A female resident said: “I live so close but I’ve never seen any lights on, anyone going in or out, or anything suspicious.
“This has come completely out of the blue because I didn’t even know anyone was living there.
“Macclesfield has its fair share of drugs but you don’t expect this on your doorstep.”
Detective Stefan Hever said: “It’s a large find and there are thousands of plants and we are still trying to work out the exact value.
“The investigation is ongoing and we are determined to track down the people behind this.”



thats alot even for these vietnemese growers

the guys are all over the uk