Ontario Legal Questions

Now with legalization in Ontario, there is surprisingly not an easy way to find out what personal growing rules are, what I’ve found anyway. It’s all very vague. I’m aiming to be a good boy and adhering to them, so to that effect, my questions are:

Seeds and clones can only be purchased from designated sellers. And currently right now neither are available.

But what about trading? Does anyone have info on trading. That issue is not addressed anywhere that I could find

Transportation of clones and seeds. Could I pop 4 clones/seedlings in a car, drive to someone’s place make a trade and drive back home? Or what if someone was carrying let’s say, 10g of seeds?
Just do your thing and all the knit picky laws can frig off bud. Cops aren’t watching your every move to make sure you don’t have 5 (GASP!) plants. There not hiding in the bushes waiting for you to obtain cuts they deem “illegal”