After doing extensive research on the subject I have decided to do some clone testing with materials I have lying around to see if I get at least a good idea of what practices need better exploration in terms of my system, but I must admit some of these practices may have subtle nuances that would take special knowledge or testing to dial in, I simply want to see what works best for this experiment and then choose a new control group or proceed with just water for the next.

In essence I am testing what organic additives will work best for organic cloning and this particular experiment involves rockwool but I am also conducting similar operations with aero, soil and coco. It could be that rockwool is not good for organic cloning and soil or cocoa would be a better choice which is what I fear may be discovered trying what few organic aeroponic options that are practical, but I have hope that rockwool should provide a good medium for organics.

The organic flowering additives I have chosen for this test are .

Container 1
1. Aloe blended(small piece) 2. Cinnamon 3. Neem Honey 4. Neem Honey + Cinnamon 5.Start Boost maybe 1-3 ml in a cup of water 6. Fasilitor+small amount of start boost

Container 2
1. Honey 2. Maxicrop - 3. Humbolt Natural Bloom 4. Humbolt Natural Grow 5. Protekt 6. Rhizotonic

Rockwool has been washed out as recommended by manfacturer from 4 to 5 ph swing using citric acid and then drained of most moisture by stacking

I do remember being told or maybe finding out through testing that rhizo and fasilitor are not good for clones but I still want to give them a chance and it will not be a large % of the clones.

All the things I want to try in future rounds for rooting that I think of: Azos, Beneficials (caps+?), Bio Canna Veg + Bloom, Teas, Willow, IBA powder, IBA, Organic Cloning Solution but please recommend any that I havent already covered.

I would like to start making blended solutions like was done with the aloe to test out different fresh compounds. I feel as though most roots put in the food processor would do the trick as a rooting compound, like making a dandelion root fermented plant extract.

Which brings up the whole FPE line of testing but many of those things are not practical to be making into an FPE in small batches. I know there is a ton of products but maybe ground up fresh roots will turn out to be the best. Would be a nice way to recycle the roots!


last time I tried wormcasting(on tea)with rockwool/peat/perlite,the clones rooted fine,a little bit later than these with clonex but they didn't rot at all…..Mine were in box,not aero.If you use soil it shouldnt be loaded with ferts,something very light ,rooting doesn't need NPK ferts,they even can slow it.I made few directly in wormcasting instead of soil,also worked but not as fast as I wanted to,about two weeks....I also put the cuttings in glass full of wormcastings solution(water and wormcastings)right after I cut them and I leave them for a few hours in it.....You can do that with the willow water to.Bennies could be also helpful.Aloe is interesting,i haven't try it yet.Honey doesn't help them root so much,but it helps against the rot.I don't mind if the cloning process is not organic because sometimes I need them fast and the faster way(in my case)wasn't the organic way but the clonex I think.I can continue organic after they root,it is not a big deal:)But it is interesting to try different ways and approaches.....
I would recommend trying something a little easier and cheaper on your next run if you can.

Water + chopped up weeping willow stems and bark.

Willow is very high in both salicylic acid and indolebutyric acid.
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Thanks for the replies guys, keep meaning yo walk around and find a willow but the one i remember doesnt seem to be there anymore =/

I agree my last test using no-till living soil tests didnt go well because I think they were too wet.

I did basically promix vs promix + castings vs promix + castings + rockdust vs promix + castings + rockdust + buu compost and i i think the promix + castings was the winner. But I decided to veer away from direction this round and go back to old strengths, ie aero and rockwool.

Which brings up one of the strengths of rockwool, u can pretty much run it no nutes the first week until it roots, clean the container 1 or 2 times to keep things sterile then introduce the root/growth inducers then.
On a side note walked into lowes and BAM, pretty much got the best cloner shell ive ever seen, 144 top of 1.4" holes and if you flip the lid upside down it makes a nice basin that is pretty much impossible to leak.

I want to try running it no plugs to give it a misting effect on a 60/1 min cycle timer, wonder if that would work =?