Out Of Height Space Help?

2 air cooled 440 cfm 600 watt dimmable ballasts hps lights. Jet fuel strain with only a two week veg jumped up over 7 feet and is touching hoods glass 9about 6 inches away from actual bulb. I've already tied down everything a few times. The stretch on this saliva dominant is insane. Currently in week 4 flower.. will 6-8 inch distance be ok? Hand test is ok currently .... room temp 75 average
I know insane right? Udwc 1200mwatts in a 4x8 open tent. Growth rate is insane in this system and these genetics are 70,percent sativa. I put them in flower at 23 inches..
I know right? I kid you not. Aero clones for about 14 days then straight into,udwc for 2 weeks and they were at 23 inches. Now going on week 4 and already scrubbed and bent over a few times. Guessing 7ft if they were not apreset bent. I will snap a pic during next light cycle. This will be my last run with this genetic
Stretch like that can be from the light being too far away or not enough for the footprint used.

It also happens from potassium deficiency. It can remain a hidden deficiency. Potassium is responsible for good strong stem growth. The better I have learned to give nutes during transition the more compact my plants stay.

That is why some say to feed bloom nutes in the seedling stage and once during beginning flowering.

Something I learned in greenhouse production guides.


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So your saying 2 weeks veg and 4 weeks into flower and your at 7' Send me your nute recipe......... :D All BS aside what is the average node distance between nodes. ?