Outdoor Geurilla Grow Se England

I'm in London and am going to attempt to grow a few plants outside discreetly.
I don't know if global warming is to blame but last summer (2018 summer) was without a doubt the hottest summer ever in my 30 odd years here, if we have another summer like that my weed will do really well outside I think.
Is there anybody here from england, growing outdoors?
I did have a go outdoors last year but we had some forest fires which totally destroyed my attempts.
Has anybody here had outdoor success in england?
Hi bro

I have been growing outdoor in the Midlands area since around 2008. Every year is different. You never know what to expect in the next season. I remember that year 2006 had an exceptionally hot summer (I didn't grow by then, just remember it), then there we had the great 2013 and 2018. Both were successful ones to me, managed to get few ounces each time though I was growing in my own garden, not out in the sticks. Rich organic soil that I've been looking after for years and water on demand, every day if needed, changes the game. I've got great neighbours which also hepls. Not gonna do it again where I live though. In 2019 I'm gonna go for the great outdoors.