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I’m absolutely new to growing I need some information and guidance from experienced growers how to grow outdoors naturally if I can please

I want know how to grow a good strain of cannabis with high potency and what plant strain will grow best in these conditions
I will be growing from seed

I will try to explain the growing conditions as best as possible so you can understand the situation better as I can’t give the exact information on soil and water details

the weather on average during mid May to October tends to stay between 30 - 40 degrees Celsius average of about 37 degrees direct natural sunlight about 16 hours summer period

during the winter ( November-February) it drops to about 10 degrees Celsius and the rest between 15-25 degrees
Direct sunlight in winter if not too cloudy about 11hrs

rain seasons around august heavy rains for a few weeks become very humid

the land is not too far from the river bank
About 1.5 miles out

the soil in different patches usually cultivated with wheat, barley vegetables such as green chillies, potatoes coriander and spinach
Fruits grown are water melons
Have a few guava trees and a few lemon plants they were planted just for fun so that is the kind soil present
We use animal manure cow, sheep and goat to fertilise the land
Water is well water at about 20ft deep the water is sweet not sour
This is a basic description of the growing conditions if you like more information let me know
So if anyone knows the best way to grow in these conditions please guide me thank you
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