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Well, I had planned on doing a full grow Log of this little experiment I have going this year but my phone decided to make like a fish and go for a swim in the lake...... So I lost all of the Germination, Seedling and most of the Vegetative pictures...... I guess taking the time to back up your phone is useful after all! But non the less the title says it all, this year I am doing a little experiment.

For a couple years now I have been researching and trying out different training techniques, i'm not going to list them all but last winter I stumbled upon a little article on the grow weed easy website that was a tutorial on Main-Lining or Manifolding, I was immediately interested originally because I like how the plant looked when it was trained in this way, plus the added harvest bonus helped, but now a couple months into the grow I am more interested in just how far I can push these plants with this training method and how they react and respond to the different things I do. It really is a passion just to watch these plants grow, Male or Female they do some very fascinating things and I believe a grower can learn a lot by watching as the plants go through the trials and tribulations in a grow season. Now I have rambled enough lets get into the grow.

To start off I am growing a White Widow Feminized from seed, I believe it was a nirvana seed as I bought them a couple years back and lost the original packaging for them. I did a very small pheno hunt, and by very small I mean borderline pointless, I popped 4 seeds, let them grow for about 2.5 weeks after they got the first set of true leaves and chose one plant to keep based on the fact that it had the thickest stock and a nice set of green leaves, but I only have room for 2 plants outdoor this year and didn't think the seeds would stay good past this grow season.

For the second plant I am using a Delicious Seeds Eleven Roses clone from a buddy's mother plant. He has flowered out previous clones from the mother and had great success and the plants seemed to handle stress from training well. I also noticed that the plants growth pattern seemed very similar to the white widow runs I had done previous, the main difference was the eleven roses flowers faster then the widow and is a little more vulnerable to mold, but both plants seemed to like to bush out with some training.

I should quickly mention that White Widow is my go to strain for outdoor in Ontario, I have grown it many times with success and plan on using it for a future breeding project once I find that "Holy Shit" Phenotype of both the widow and my father strain..... once I find what I believe to be the perfect fit to cross with the widow, still more research to be done.

For the Soil I am using Fox Farm: Ocean Forest amended with:
- Gaia Green Glacial Rock Dust : Mostly for calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium but also for the moisture holding properties and apparently helps with phosphorus availability
- Gaia Green Kelp Meal : Good source of trace minerals
- Gaia GreenOyster Shell Flour : For root development and mineral uptake
- Myke Microhryza Vegetable & Herb : Sprinkled on the roots and in the root hole at first transplant
**NOTE** I only use the base Fox Farm: Ocean Forest soil for the seedling phase, once I transplant into the 2nd pot for Veg they go into the amended soil. Some growers I have seen online believe that just the base Ocean Forest is hot for seedlings, but I have had zero issues with a couple grows doing it this way.

The Bottled Nutrients:
For The Base nutrients I am going with Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect Micro, Grow and Bloom
For Flowering nutrients I am Using: Bud Candy, Rhino Skin, Nirvana, B52, Bud Factor, Big Bud, OverDrive, CarboLoad and Flawless Finish. Seems like a lot, but this is an experimental grow after all and as far as I can tell from my research Advanced Nutrients is relatively organic..... I think..... I wouldn't say this is a completely organic grow but its got no fucking miracle grow in it ;) hahaha pardon my language

Top Dress:
Top Dressed with Worm Castings, Glacial Rock Dust, Kelp Meal and Oyster Shell Flower twice, once mid June and again end of July.

The Grow:
At this point I really wish I didn't loose the pictures because they would be great now, but oh well. The grow has gone relatively well to date, it should be mentioned that I did not follow the nugbuckets tutorial to a T, I didn't remove some of the growth below new tops as it was growing 2 nice to justify cutting some branches off the plant so I guess this is manifolding / mainlining my way lol. While the clone is more difficult to manifold it is still very doable and a worthy method of training to try, now I say that without seeing the final harvest but i'm confident even with my mess ups the plant will still yield decently. At the end of the day though, the next grow will all be from seed, I think seed vigour really helps the plant handle and bounce back from the stress of training, and to be honest I prefer growing straight from seed anyway. Also the asymmetrical growth on the clone makes it harder to create a main hub, at least for me I found I could still clearly see what branch was dominate instead of nice even growth. The White Widow on the other hand, was much easier to set up the manifold because of the symmetrical growth and the growth seems to have been more evenly distributed, it still had a couple of mains that looked dominant but now in flower almost all the mains are at the same height.

Eleven Roses Clone:
IMG 0850

- May 27th: Got the clone and put in garden
- May 28th: Transplanted clone from 1gal to 5gal pot
- May 31st, Good signs of growth, No real transplant shock, topped at the 3rd node, tied down to start manifold training
- From here on out I let it grow and re tied down branches almost daily as the growth was fast and did occasional pruning
- June 18th: Topped new mains to create 4 more cola spots
- June 26th: Broke one of the mains training, didn't end up healing so I lost a main but thats okay.... I have a couple more ;)
- August 10th got back from holidays and noticed black spot mold on one of the main stems and new growth leaves. I have lost a crop to mold before so I did not hesitate to chop that top right off the plant below the mold spot and hit the whole plant with a organic fungicidal spray and kept a very close eye on the plant for a couple days.
- August 15th built a diy Scrog for the plants and put them under it
- Seemed to beat the mold, Plant growth seemed stunted for a few weeks and some lower leaves started yellowing. I kinda assumed it was nutrient lock out as I felt I gave the plants the right amount of nutes for it to not be a deficiency or over feed. I tested the ph of the runoff water and it was at 7.2, little high, so I flushed the plant for 3 feeds using de chlorinated tap water ph'd to 6.0, Ideally I have my ph at 6.7 for this soil grow but I wanted to lower the soil ph faster so I could continue feeding the plant. After 3 waterings the runoff was testing at 6.5 and I saw life come back to the plant. I didn't bother testing the ppms in the runoff as my ppm is not working right and I haven't gotten around to getting it sorted out.
- August 28th: Plant seems to be thriving again and is starting to really push out some flowers, not going to be the best potential yield you can get from this strain but It should still do DECCCCEEEEEENNNNNT as bubbles would say (watching TBP as i'm writing this).

White Widow Seed: This is only the info for the seed I chose to use, not the ones I got rid of
IMG 0851

**Again with this plant between listed dates was daily re tying down and occasional pruning**
- May 20th : Germination Started
- May 23rd : Sprouted, put into soil in red solo cup, put on window ledge that gets good morning sun till around 1:00 then indirect sunlight till dark
- May 25th : Broke soil
- June 5th : Transplanted to 5gal pot and moved outside
- June 18th : Topped at the 3rd node and tied down for manifolding
- July 6th : Topped again
- July 28th : Topped for the last time. Didn't plan on topping it again, I really just wanted to see how it would handle being topped close to flower starting
- August 5th : Transition to flower starting, more pre flowers popping up, stretch starting
- August 15th built a diy Scrog for the plants and put them under it
- August 18th : Plant started to focus mostly on flower production
- August 23rd : I believe its done stretching now
- August 28th : Really impressed so far with the white widow and manifolding, Plant looks great and flowers are starting to give off a nice smell. Fingers crossed I have high hopes for this harvest. I never say an amount I think i'm going to get because I believe its bad luck..... ex hockey and lacrosse player, superstitions are a part of life lol.

Watering / Feeding Amounts:
Watering: Mixed in 5 gal Home Depot Bucket with a line at the 8L mark in the bucket. I used a 4L Plant Sprayer to water
I don't water on a schedule, when the Ladies tell me they need water they get it, but I do follow a feeding schedule.... kinda, I think of my water cycles as 3 waterings = 1 cycle, during the later stages of vegetation and most of flower, I complete a full cycle each week typically watering 3 times per week.
- For the first water of the cycle they get dechlorinated tap water ph'd to 6.7
- For the second water of the cycle is when they get the nutes. dechlorinated tap water ph'd to 6.7 with base nutes + flower nutes depending on stage of growth
- For the third water of the cycle I let the plant decide, typically it would just be another DC'd tap water ph'd to 6.7, but sometimes ill do a 2nd feed more on that below

The amounts of water varies every time, during early veg typically ill give both plants 2L of water
- Fill res at 8L, let sit for 24 hours
- Throw in air stone 2 hours before feeding
- Mix in nutes 10-20 min before feeding, put air stone back in

Vegetative Nutes:
- Fill res at 4L
- 2ml per L for Grow, Micro and Bloom
- This is where the double feed comes into play, when my plants don't take all the water on the first feed, I will feed again on the 2nd feed but with 1ml per 4L so 4ml total during the second feed instead of 8ml. This does involve wasting a bit of nutrient water from the first feed, but I usually just add that extra water into my pepper garden.... (specifically around the Carolina Reapers :D) I haven't had any over feeding issues doing it this way as I am already cutting the amounts in half from the recommended amount on the bottles.

Flower Nutes:
- Fill res at 8L
- For all of my flowering nutrients I mix 1ml per L so 8ml total for each nutrient goes into the res during flower feedings

This is how I feed based on a 8 week Flower Schedule:

Weeks | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 |
Bud Candy 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 0ml 0ml
Rhino Skin 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 0ml 0ml
Bud Factor 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 0ml
Carboload 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 0ml 0ml
Big Bud 0ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 0ml 0ml 0ml 0ml
Nirvana 0ml 0ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 0ml 0ml
B-52 0ml 0ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 0ml
Overdrive 0ml 0ml 0ml 0ml 0ml 1ml 1ml 0ml
Flawless Finish 0ml 0ml 0ml 0ml 0ml 0ml 1ml 1ml
G.M.B 2ml 2ml 2ml 2ml 2ml 2ml 2ml 0ml
** mL/L * 8 = total amount of nutes per feed**

Stay Tuned! I will be doing weekly updates until harvest time! Heres some more pics!
IMG 0964
IMG 0993
IMG 0995
IMG 1035
IMG 1069
IMG 1070
IMG 0919
IMG 1004


This is a late response, but in case anyone is searching this up, manifolding and similar aren't necessary or useful outside. You manifold (and top, and LST) to get the tops of the plant at an even height relative to an indoor light, because of the light intensity decline from the top of the plant to the bottom. That isn't necessary outside, and is just unnecessary work. The leaf stripping shown above is also not value added, for the same reason. The only reason for manipulating the plant growth outside, IMO, is if you need to control height for stealth, which is becoming unnecessary in more and more places. I don't even top any more.


I use a similar method but i have to keep my plants moveable, in flower as i have a limited area that is:
1: critter proof we have alot of groundhogs, deer and later in the year, moths that lay budworms ( i use superfine netting if its the right time of year)
2: gets the right light for flowering
3: discrete, I live in a rural area but have neighbors
4: accessable to a garden cart as some of my girls get large
What i do is maintain the trellis WITHIN the pot, and if started early produces what i believe to be the most large colas possible without netting.
20210727 190243


I use a similar method but i have to keep my plants moveable, in flower as i have a limited area that is:
1: critter proof we have alot of groundhogs, deer and later in the year, moths that lay budworms ( i use superfine netting if its the right time of year)
2: gets the right light for flowering
3: discrete, I live in a rural area but have neighbors
4: accessable to a garden cart as some of my girls get large
What i do is maintain the trellis WITHIN the pot, and if started early produces what i believe to be the most large colas possible without netting.
Oh and i NEVER defoliate unless its to allow light in a little to a nice bud, I think the plants grow those leaves for a reason.

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