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i'm planning an outdoor growth in pots this
spring, and I was wondering which soil mixture
i should be using. I've read about hydrophonic
mixtures and organic mixtures, and watched
a few video's but that didn't make things
clear for me. So, as im growing in pots, i wondered
which type of soil i must use, which are the basic
elements which need to be in it, and how often should
i be fertilizing my plants. :-)


Make sure its pH is around 6. Most soils are, so that's no problem. Don't forget to add up some perlite.

Some breeders even add up some charcoal, but I haven't seen that in pots yet. I've seen it been spread in solid ground, but never pots.

I just use the classical mixture and give whatever else they need in their water.



Many soil mixtures will work, though a soiless mixture like peat, perlite, vermiculite works well and you can use any quality liquid fertilizer when you water.


Some farming tribes in South America burned some parts of the rainforest to give the nutrients from ash.


Jup the Maya's did too.
They burned what was left from their cornfields to refurtilize the soil.

Ashes from cigarettes are good too, any ashes are good.
What's also very important is to create a biotope for good micro-organisms to recycle bad left overs out of the soil.
Soil, it's a very very very big concept which everyone has his/hers own idea of.

It's up to the farmer to custommake his own soil.
Everyone has his own tecnique. Some even add candsirop to boost the microlife in the soil.
What's the english word for them bacteries? you know, the creatures in our soil


I'm also wondering, i've read so much threads about watering and
watering schedules, but I just can't find a suitable answer for my
situation. I'm going to be growing in 85 liter (22.5 gallon) containers,
and as i'm planning to water once a week, how much water should
I give each plant (assume i'm having some dry conditions) ????


It really depends on the conditions of the temperature, drainage of soil, etc. you're basically supposed to let it dry out a lil bit before watering again.


so let' say, in summer the temperatures here are around 25 - 35 degrees, and i'm growing in those 22.5 gallon pots, i have commercial organic soil mixed with permulite, and I want let's say to water every sunday, should then 2 liter per plant be enough??? or should I rather water 2 times a week with 2 liter per plant??


I stick my finger about an inch in the soil. If it still feels wet I don't water them. If it feels a little dryed out I water them again.
It's hard to say "how much water" you should give. Just give them as much they need :)
The soil shouldn't be a sponge, but it should be moist enough to provide them with enough water.

For first time watering, pour water till it comes out the drainage holes. After that just keep it wet enough, not spongy wet.

Them polymer moisture crystals help a big deal too, they keep in water for a long time, just in case you are away from home for a while

There are also systems like "blumats" that give automaticly as much water as they ask for.
IF you can, collect rainwater in a big tub (now). I exlusevly use rainwater, and when I run out I take water from the pond I have in the garden. But always filter it out, with a coffeefilter for instance.


what your soil is like normally???? is it completely worthless? how many 22 gal pots do you plan to use? i have one that size & i belive i have 100usd worth of organics into it now..................


I have two 22 gallon pot's, and I have bought the finest
organic soil I could find (70liter soil for some 40bucks) and
i mixed it with permulite. It's pretty good soil, but I was just
wondering if it would be enough to water them once a week
with let's say, 7.5 liters water (oufcourse with fertilizer)...


ofcourse, you guys are great, spending your time answering
dumb questions of a grow-noob like me, and I really appreciate
it. Well, I got everything, the stuff and the seeds, so the only
thing I got to do is wait till april and then start!!! :D
Hopefully the next post I will make will be about some nice looking plants!!

peace, brothers :D


The questions weren't dumb. I think a lot of (new) growers would get a lot of help of it.
Good luck on your grow! Love to see it in april


While our native soil in Hawaii is top notch. I tend to go with this mix:
1/6 Native Hawaiian Silty Clay
1/6 Recycled potting soil
1/6 Perlite
1/2 Fox Farms Ocean Forest

Also like to put coconut husk at the bottom of the pots to increase drainage..

This mixtures seems to allow easier use of liquid nutrients and increased permeability in the soil structure.


I'd consider hauling in 5kg bales of compressed coco coir (12"x12"x5" and when wet 16-18 gallon volume -$15) and mix with native soil, perlite is very lightweight to, but bulkier -HDepot huge bag $12. Esp. if you have to carry it in .
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