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I couldn't think if a good topic name. What I need is something that will water my plants because I'll be gone for 7 days and the maximum they can go on without water is what 4-5 days anything above that would be hurtful. I need something that I could build. Bear in mind its for the outdoors so it shouldn't have anything to do with electricity unless its battery powered :P Kay I hope you understood what I'm looking for ! Any suggestions and info is very highly appreciated ! Thanks guys ! :P
PS : I hope I'm not posting a thread that is already out there. And I hope this is the right place :P Cheers !


where is ur farm located? near a tap or out in the wilderness? timers for outdoor taps are pretty reliable and can be battery powered.. if u need to water at a certain time and have a 12V car battery, pump, timer, etc then a little system could be knocked together for minimal costs... just an idea, I'm an indoor farmer and don't have that problem


outdoor watering< the biggest problem!

one of them anyhow. use a rain barrell or plastic barrell that has or can have a spickett attach to the or near the bottom. Set it upa foot or two above your grow area, run a water hose soaker or dripper to each flower. Then insert a battery timer by the barrel. Either use a green barrel or wrap camo around whatever you have to hide it. Do the set up first then add the water, 15 gal, barrels work good to transport the water to the 55 drum. Let set a few das so the water temp is the same as the air temp. check ph and adjust as needeed. works real well and you can add drums to expand the system. some work but very easy to do.


There is a tube that you put around each plant. The tube is filled with water and slowly leaches out. I will look up the name and get back to you.

scuba steve

Many years ago i used 2 litre coke plastic bottles i drilled a 16th inch hole in the cap of the bottle and the same size hole in the top,this worked for me for one week with the plants in 5 gallon buckets in trees.You can try diffrent size drill bits for diffrent drain speeds.A very cheap way to water while on vacation,just an idea if you do not want to use batteries.They do make glass bottles that water by gravity,but they cost way more than 2 litres.Good luck.Steve


they have battery powered solenoid valve with timer can attatch that to a trash can or the like and do gravity feed......also www.sunpumps.com great company great product solar power you will use it every year.....its the bomb super sweet piece of technology.
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