Over fertilized? Help pics included

So I have 3 amethyst (purple panty dropper x blue muffins) which is a little older then the dosido(1 got ahnilated by a lizard ) and 4 fem dosido(cookie hybrid if I recall) x watermelon skittles.

Not a new grower but still learning a lot. I don’t consider myself good even tho been doing it a decent bit.

So are these over fertilized or about right? My ppm meter isn’t rlly changing much reading it seems even if I put more ferts in the water so I didn’t have as much as idea as I was hoping on concentrations of my water solution? And these would be considered hot fertilizer so I feel it should change lots am I missing something.

I’m thinking of getting a air pump and stones and doing aerated compost tea worth investment of $50?

Anyways these plants were in solo cups ina blend of happy frog , ocean forest, and compost from a public facility recycling type facility and about 30percent perlite. Then after about 3 or 4 weeks I put em in 1 gal pots mixed with some blood meal about 1/2 tsp a gal a gallon pot of soil to be safe.and have continued doing 1/2 tsp of dyna grow every other water. about a few weeks in I started that at 1/2 when should I go up to a tap if even since it’s not hydro? And is half a tsp good in soil? At a young age

By the look are these over fert/salt build up? (experienced people only I need Forsure knowledge please.

Also when to /top ? 5th node? Or more developeD?

Lastly should I transplant to 3,5, or final container after this.
This is outdoor mostly organic with dyna grow added in.

Any help so appreciate sorry for the long post to tried my best to make it readable any input from experience appreciated