over watting... no one thought indoor could touch out door then he over watted

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New,Gwan the keeper of the trees...available soon.
i am a corky guy obsession's a number sometimes... i bought some china led lights a 900w and a few 600w... i had a 5x9 tent but i ended up going nutz and just fixating on the lumens with my cheap reader... i was oh ill just grow this 5x 9 with the 3 of them... hahaha nope last minute i was like 2 big pots all the plants ... on the left side of the tent. 3.5 ft wide 5 ft long and i put the 900w and 2 600w over 2 big 20gallon pots... and would do lumen testes ust trying to get as much light on the tops as i could before whiting... and ill tell you it was amazing buds in the end like a cail 15ft summer giant lower top. really big bigger then a 20oz bottle and fat. but the effect was like hawaii out door... yeah it jacked my bill but it was legendary buds. seeds were made on accident perhaps one days someone will see them. you can see the grow in my pics... its the purple indoor one. 7 8 yrs old... but im telling you i learned so much on that grow about regs and fems and autos... the smoke was so light but very effect was
a banging loud so fucking high.
that it every thing there is in 2 pots. but it looks small here it was impressive in person and the smells!
have you over watted before did you get the same results?
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